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Welcome.  This page is primarily intended for ALAMA calculator files.  For more information about my views on the subject of linear algebra or the linear algebra textbook that I wrote in 2007 and revised in 2018, consult the URL and click on the “Linear Algebra” menu item.

If you have questions or comments about my text “Applied Linear Algebra and Matrix Analysis, 2nd ed.” (whence the acronym ‘ALAMA’), send them to my UNL email address: Questions or comments about ALAMA calculator should be sent to me via the Contact Me menu item at this site.

About ALAMA Calculator:  This calculator is an easy-to-use button calculator that I programmed off and on for the past few years.  It was originally for my amusement, but I was struck by how useful this simple button calculator could be as a tool in a linear algebra course.  So wrote it with an eye to it being a helpful companion for the ALAMA textbook, both first and revised editions.  However, it is by no means a requirement for the text and could be used by any student (or teacher or aficionado) of linear algebra.  It has enough capabilities that I could even carry out a few of my textbook projects with it and I used it to create some of the graphs that appear in the revised ALAMA, along with pretty much all the routine matrix calculations in ALAMA — nice tool if you want to check answers.   Included in downloads is the folder ALAMAprograms contains scripts for nearly all the examples from ALAMA that require technology tools, as well as a few programs that I wrote (yes, it’s a fully programmable calculator, but it takes a bit of careful thinking to do it).  I wrote a nice (in my opinion!) User Guide as part of the calculator, so if you’re interested in using more of the capabilities of ALAMA calculator, consult the guide.

I wrote this calculator in C++, so that I could use the excellent packages FLTK and Eigen. It is available on machines with operating systems OS X 10.3, Windows 10 and a few flavors of Linux. It will also work on some earlier versions of these operating systems, but no promises there!  Longer term, I may port it to Windows UWP or Apple iOS, but these are much more extensive projects.  I have no idea how suitable the APIs of UWP are for the calculator and good old Apple, Objective C wasn’t different enough from C++, so now we have Swift, which is a problem since FLTK and Eigen are written in C++.

Below are links to pages containing instructions and downloadable copies of ALAMA Calculator along with a folder of programs for the calculator.  All of the files are in compressed format, so need to be unzipped.