System Requirements
This program was has been installed and run successfully on Windows XP (but a .NET upgrade was required), Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Downloading ALAMA Calculator and programs:
To download the files, alt-click on the link at the bottom of this page and select “Save link as…”.  NB:  You should download this program from this site only.  To make sure that sure your download is not corrupted, you should check the SHA1 checksum value for the zipped file before you unzip it. For the current version  (1.1.3)  it should be


A handy way to get this checksum in Windows is to open a terminal window (Command Prompt) or PowerShell and issue the command

certutil  -hashfile  /path/to/

Once this .zip file is downloaded and verified (do not use it otherwise), you should unzip it.  The resulting folder “alamacalculatorwindows10-2-4” contains another folder with the  name “alamacalculatorwindows10-2” which in turn contains a folder “ALAMAprograms” and three files: “setup”, “ALAMACalculator.msi” and “ALAMACalculator”.

Installing ALAMA Calculator:
To install ALAMA Calculator for all users, You must first rename the file “setup” to “setup.exe”. Next, you must execute the program “setup.exe” by double-clicking it.  You will need administrative privileges to complete the installation and may be warned by Windows Defender that this app is unrecognized.  Click on “More information” and “Run anyway”.  In addition, the folder ALAMAprograms consists of ALAMA programs for your use with the calculator. These programs include worked examples from the text Applied Linear Algebra and Matrix Analysis, 2nd ed. and some utility programs. Copy the folder “ALAMAprograms” and paste it into a suitable location in your home directory. When finished installing, you may delete the entire folder alamacalculatorwindows10.

If you do not have administrative privileges or simply wish to have a local copy of the calculator, rename the file “ALAMACalculator” to “ALAMACalculator.exe”, copy this  file along with the ALAMAprograms folder somewhere in your home directory  and delete the folder alamacalculatorwindows10 if you have copied these files elsewhere.

The first time you run either of these files you will receive a message saying this program is from an unknown publisher.   Click  on”More information” and “Run anyway”. Thereafter, the program will run without delay.

Uninstalling ALAMA Calculator:
If you have done a system install, use Windows control panel to uninstall the program.  Otherwise, simply delete the relevant files.

Copyright and Disclaimer Notice:

© Thomas Shores 2018
All rights reserved

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