System Requirements

This program was implemented on an Apple Macintosh computer with operating system macOS Catalina. It may work on earlier versions of the mac operating systems, but there are no guarantees.

Obtaining ALAMA Calculator and programs:

To download the files, click on the link at the bottom of this page.  NB:  You should download the file from this site only.  Also, the default with Safari is to automatically unzip any downloaded zip file — to prevent this you can adjust the Safari Preferences or simply re-zip the downloaded file, and you should do so for the following reason:  To make sure that sure your download is not corrupted, you should check the SHA1 checksum value for the zipped file before you unzip it. For the current version (1.1.3) it should be


A handy way to get this checksum on a Mac is to open a terminal window and issue the command

shasum -a 1   /path/to/

Once this .zip file is downloaded and verified (do not use it otherwise), you should unzip it.  In this folder is another folder titled “ALAMAprograms” and the app “ALAMA”.

Installing ALAMA Calculator:

To install ALAMA Calculator for all users, drag and drop the ALAMA onto the Applications folder. You will need administrative privileges to do this.  Because I do not yet have Apple certification (I will, eventually) your Mac may refuse to open it upon double clicking the app.  If so, you will have to go to Security & Privacy in System Preferences (click on the Apple graphic) to allow this program to be run.   If you don’t have administrative privilege or simply want to run it locally from your home folder, you can do so by simply double clicking the app.  The first time you attempt to run the program you will receive a warning about an “unidentified developer”.  Go ahead and click “Open” button and the program will run.  Subsequently, you will be able to open it without warning.

Note: The local version of ALAMA Calculator is somewhat more limited in functionality than ALAMA Calculator in the Applications folder.  In particular, keystroke shortcuts won’t work and the calculator is strictly a “button” calculator.  I recommend the Applications version.

A folder of ALAMA programs is also included in the download for your use. These programs include worked examples from the text Applied Linear Algebra and Matrix Analysis, 2nd ed., programs discussed on the “Math Fun” page and some utility programs. Copy the folder “ALAMAprograms” and paste it into a suitable folder in your home directory.

Uninstalling ALAMA Calculator:

Simply delete the program and the folder “ALAMAprograms” from your computer.


Copyright and Disclaimer Notice:

© Thomas Shores 2018

All rights reserved

This software is intended for your own personal use. Unauthorized redistribution is prohibited. This software is free software. It comes without any warranty, to the extent permitted by applicable law. In no event shall the copyright holders or anyone distributing the software be liable for any damages or other liability arising from the use of the software or other dealings in the software.