System Requirements
This program was implemented on a computer with the following Linux distributions:  Ubuntu,  Fedora, Mint, openSUSE, Debian, centOS, Arch Linux and Manjaro.  The Arch Linux version will also work with Gentoo, but you may need to add a library via terminal command ‘emerge media-libs/jpeg:8 ‘.
Note: With Mint, Ubuntu and openSUSE the display may not quite match the screen.  Also, with ArchLinux  the calculator is only executable from the command line.  With all others double-clicking the icon starts the program.  I’m looking at it, but it should be noted that with each installation there are some unique peculiarities in spite of the fact that the same fltk libraries are used with all installations.  For the most part, these programs were compiled under the default GUI with IDE Code::blocks.

Obtaining ALAMA Calculator and programs:
To download the files, click on the appropriate link below.  NB:  You should download this program from this site only.  To make sure that sure your download is not corrupted, you should check the SHA1 checksum  value for the zipped file before you unzip it and it should match the ones listed below.  To get the hash issue the terminal command

“sha1sum   path/to/zipped-file”

This will work for all versions of Linux listed below, yielding the current version of ALAMA Calculator (1.1.2).

Ubuntu:  alamacalculatorubuntu
SHA1 checksum:  3c8891502a2c2180317cf0039a85a3878b6a0bea

Fedora:  alamacalculatorfedora
SHA1 checksum:  6971e123a9434a6eb837b1ccfb0ea47f1567a08e

Mint:  alamacalculatormint
SHA1 checksum:  fc8c1dce4f79c1c1aaef571f6d2ce575e1ad1c79

openSUSE:  alamacalculatoropensuse
SHA1 checksum:  7616fab9ab7735fac7e020d8db53872d7a0e07a0

Debian:  alamacalculatordebian
SHA1 checksum:  5788e83c75318ba934cd78e0cd4e59a8b49f8adb

centOS:  alamacalculatorcentos
SHA1 checksum:  1e533cd11668a57591c97ec02d2504b9e549229d

Arch Linux: alamacalculatorarch
SHA1 checksum: 0720b511c87f98202476b82a26f3f26d95585bb3
Note:  You will have to run ALAMACalculatorArch from a terminal window.

Manjaro:  alamacalculatormanjaro
SHA1 checksum: 9d337ea101c29653bef70bfc43f998e9f0f7b321

Installing ALAMA Calculator:
Once this .zip file is downloaded and verified (do not use it otherwise), unzip the file and place the program in a convenient folder in your home directory.  Currently, there is no system-wide installation.

A folder of ALAMA programs is also included in the download for your use. These programs include worked examples from the text Applied Linear Algebra and Matrix Analysis, 2nd ed., the ALAMA User Guide and some utility programs. Copy the folder “ALAMAprograms” and paste it into a suitable folder in your home directory.

Uninstalling ALAMA Calculator:
Since the installations at this time are for local use, simply delete the relevant files.

Copyright and Disclaimer Notice:

© Thomas Shores 2018
All rights reserved

This software is intended for your own personal use. Unauthorized redistribution is prohibited. This software is free software. It comes without any warranty, to the extent permitted by applicable law. In no event shall the copyright holders or anyone distributing the software be liable for any damages or other liability arising from the use of the software or other dealings in the software.